Dreamers - Dreams Foundation - Seeding and helping grassroots entrepreneurs

Meet Rajan

Dream: To get a profitable harvest

Rajan comes from a farmer’s family. They have a very small field. Every year with the help of high interest loan, they cultivate the field but can hardly save anything. The parents then take up labor work in cities and return after the rains.
Rajan along with working as a hand-embroider also takes on the responsibility of agriculture. This year, for the first time in their lives, they have received an interest-free loan and it has been a great help to her and family.

Meet the Grassroot artisans of India


Dream: To get international exposure for their art and sell their skilled work

Supporting grassroots artisans across India.


We have invested and purchased high quality goods from artisans. These have been shipped to Singapore. Volunteers are putting up stalls and selling the goods and sharing the story behind the crafts and the journeys of the artisans. We intend to keep rotating the inventory several times and are exploring the option of implementing this idea in other places.

Meet the Maaji-s


Dream: To secure a year’s worth of groceries for their fulfilment


260 maajis who are single or have been widowed were identified from communities living in extreme poverty. The following grocery is being provided for one full year to 10 women:  

  • 5 kg flour
  • 4 kg rice
  • 3 kg dal
  • 1 kg oil every month 


This is an exception to the vision of the Dreams Foundation which normally does not do direct charity, but funds businesses. This initiative has been implemented with the help of a supporter.


Meet the Young Women of Behrampura


Dream: To use their tailoring skills to make sustainable items to support their families and benefit their own community

Young women in the slum in Behrampura are not allowed to work outside their home and are really struggling to make two ends meet. We run a stitching-training class for these women as well as loaning sewing machines to deserving girls who have learnt their craft and wish to start working. 

Harsha behn is a compassionate widow who is overlooking the project supported by Dreams.

We are now collecting waste fabrics from stitching units and tailors so that the women can sew them together to make bags. We are also collecting good quality leftover fabrics from cloth manufacturers at a low cost for stitching kurtis.

These kurtis and bags made by these women are being marketed by us at nominal costs so that the community themselves can buy the good quality goods at affordable rates.

The modal fabric kurtis are being marketed at Rs 250 per piece.

Dreams foundation has given the working capital for this project.


Dream: To own a car


Priyakant was earning Rs 8000 a month and was struggling to pay his rent and other expenses. He got the opportunity of a lifetime when he signed a contract to rent a car to the GEB. He is now the proud owner of a Bolero purchased on an instalment plan, and the car will be his in few years. He will start earning an additional income of Rs 15,000 a month. Dreams has supported him with the first down payment for the car. It is truly a dream come true for him.