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Dream: To earn money for her father’s cancer treatment

Shaheen lives in a family where she is the sole bread winner. Shaheen’s father is suffering from advanced cancer. She used to have to go to a unit to work and earn. Now with her own machine to work on, her income has doubled.

Meet the flood-stricken residents of Ayroor


Dream: To have access to pure and safe potable water


Kerala passed through the worst phase in the last month. I visited couple of places of which Ayroor under Aungmali district was among the most affected areas.

I met with the local community leaders and the Father of the Church.After the flood, when the water from all wells became unfit for drinking, we thought of providing Pure & safe water. We were confident that we could do it within our timeline of 15 days.

On the 26th of September, 2018, we completed and handed over the water project to provide pure & safe drinkable water to 5000 families, with a capacity of 1.2 lac litres a day. The water was personally tasted by me before handing over to the community.

Lila behn

Dream: To rear cows to support their farm labor

Lila behn lives in jarda village with her husband and kids. Their work as farm laborers does not pay much and she struggles to feed her family 2 square meals a day. Circumstances were such that her children had to miss school most of the times.
The relief and joy on their faces on receiving a cow from the Dreams Foundation was very heartwarming. They plan to use the milk for their own consumption and sell the rest. They also prepare other products like Amrutjal and jivaamrut from other benefits derived from the cow. The entire family is happy and filled with gratitude.


Dream: To have a sustainable income to support his family

Survan Devlina lives with his wife, mother, brother-in-law and four children in Kathiawad. They work as construction laborers when they can find work. They were living life in great poverty. They have realized their dream of owning a cow with the promise of a steady source of income to change their life for the better.


Dream: For his widowed sister to be independent

Hemata Singh Bhagada is a farmer from a village in Madhya Pradesh and had a steady source of income for his survival. His dream was for his widowed sister and her children to not feel dependent by securing for them a means to earn their own livelihood. This cow has made her self-sufficient and her brother helps her take care of it.