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Dream: To buy her own house and educate her son well


Sumitra lives in a house she has herself built, with her son who she sends to a private school as she believes that education is the harbinger of a better future. With her husband and child, she used to live with her husband’s family before they had to leave due to a dispute in the family. They lived at a relative’s house for a few days before finally deciding to live by themselves. She managed to build a very small house and for that she took a short fund loan from the money lender on a very high rate of interest. She was able to repay that amount and is now out of debt. Possessing her own house and sending her son to a good school has been possible with the support of Dreams Foundation. 


Dream: To be independent and support her mother


Vanita lives in her village with her aged and ailing mother along with her brother and his two children. Her sister-in-law left the home when she returned to her mother’s home. She got a divorce after her husband remarried and threw her out of the house. Both her children live with her ex-husband. She fought for her right through the Panchayat, but she got neither got compensation and nor custody of her children. She wanted to be independent.She started learning embroidery in a training course by Sahaj in her village. Vanita is now earning well and not only is she independent, but also taking care of the family.

She also helped with the marriage of her younger brother and after six months of his marriage they threw her out of the house with her aged mother. She left her brother’s house with dignity and without making any fuss. 

She built a small hut for her mother and herself. The mother is very proud that her daughter is self-sufficient and did not compromise on her self-esteem. She is also very happy about having been granted a loan, because they can now repay the loan which they had taken earlier on high interest. The contentment on their faces is thanks to Dreams foundation.


Dream: To escape from the never-ending cycle of debt

Sardar is a block printer earning ₹8k to 8.5k. For a marriage in his family, he took a loan of ₹40k on high rate of interest. Despite paying interest monthly, in his current circumstances, he would never be able to repay his capital amount. Many times he fails to even pay the monthly interest while balancing the other needs of the family, like education of children, health and nutrition.The debt increased to 50k in a year’s time. He was upset by this increasing burden.
Dreams Foundation supported him to come out of this debt trap.



Dream: To practice her craft of Beadwork without the burden of repayment of loan

Kalaben is a master trainer in Beadwork and makes beautiful jewelry. Her husband was unwell, so she had to take a loan on very high interest to pay for his medicines. The financial burden increased with marriages in the family and expenses incurred by her children.She invested some amount in Agriculture too, which despite being a good decision unfortunately did not give any dividends.

Her debt surmounted.

This repayment of a staggeringly high interest loan of 120% was great relief for her by the Dreams foundation. 

With her knowledge of her craft, the work she does is now earning Rs.4k to 5k monthly and confident about repayment.

Sharda ben

Dream: To have her daughter fulfil her dreams of further education

Sharda has always believed in education and gender parity. She has spent money equally on both her son and her daughter for their education and she is a role model for her daughter Vidisha. Sharda is very seriously putting in all the efforts she can into helping her children complete their education. She was in need of a fund of Rs 15,000 for the admission of her daughter Vidisha for further studies. This need was financed by Dreams Foundation. 

She is very happy to have received this help and hopes that her children will study hard and make us proud.