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Dream: To support her parents and her brother’s family

Shilpa lives in Behrampura and has been learning stitching for a year. Her dad works as a laborer for building roads. Her brother is married with a child but is unemployed and the family is struggling to make two ends meet. From the very next day of having received a sewing machine,Shilpa has started earning. Her entire family is so happy.

Amruta behn

Dream: To ensure a bright future for her two children

Amruta behn lives in Behrampurain a joint family and isthe mother of 2 children. Her husband works as a delivery boy for gas cylinders and his income is insufficient for supporting his own family, his parents and his younger brother.

Amruta knows stitching and wants to earn and financially support her family. Like all mothers, she dreams of a bright future for her kids.


Dream: To build an extra room in his house for let

Vipul bhai lives in a one-room home in a village close to Bhopal. He is partially paralysed and cannot work. His wife ran away and he is the only support for his two children. He wishes to get a small room built, adjoining the wall of his house, and rent it out. We have loaned him the amount for construction.



Dream: To enhance her yoga skills with a special Teacher’s training program

The main breadwinner of her family, Kundan, lives a busy life as a yoga trainer. Her day starts at 5 in the morning as a private trainer, going from home to home before she heads to an institute in a consulting role during the day, which is followed by evening classes. Simultaneously, she cooks and runs her home and looks after her child— the reality of the life of most working women. 
She saw an opportunity to earn more by enhancing her skills.
We supported her in her dream of joining an Advanced Vinyasa teachers training course —something she just couldn’t afford on her own. She is so so happy ...


Dream: To own a van to support his profession


Arvindbhai Parmar belongs to Manavseva, Shahpur and lives with his family of 7 members. He has been employed for delivering gas cylinders for years in a rented dilapidated van, but the income is not enough to support his struggling family.


He purchased a brand new pick-up van facilitated by the Dreams Foundation, and he now sees a great future ahead for his entire family. His monthly income will increase substantially, and his dream is to earn enough to move out of his hutment in the slum and provide a good education to his kids .