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Dream: To support her father’s daily wages by learning to stitch


Chandrika lives with her parents and has completed her education uptil her 10th Grade Board examinations. There is a constant financial struggle at home because her father is a daily wage laborer. Some days go by when there is no work, and no earnings. 
Chandrika wants to earn and support the family and learning stitching has made her confident and optimistic of a brighter future.

Shahin Sheikh


Dream: To own a sewing machine and mend her family’s finances


Sheik Farukbhai Shahin from Behrampura is going to solve her family’s financial issues by stitching and earning a livelihood. She is overjoyed to be working on a machine of her own.



Dream: To use her sewing skills to support her father’s income


Shabnam lives in her family with her dad who works on a daily wage and her two brothers who are not yet earning. To ease her family’s struggles,Shabnam has learned stitching. This sewing machine is a ray of hope in her life and she is excited to be earning and support the family.


Dream: To receive timely payments for his services as an artist


Dilipbhai lives with his wife and his children who are a huge support to him in his career as an artist with color blindness. He started his journey as a warli artist as it required him to work only with the color white.When graduallymarket demand grew, andhis talent as an artist was recognized, he started making multicolouredkalamkari paintings with his wife’s support. His wife would mix and hand him colors. His children and others in his village also joined him.


His recent big project was for the lobby of a hospital. However, the payments were delayed and he found the support of Dreams foundation to cover all his material costs,investment and partial labor till the time he receives his due payments. Artists require immediate payments as it’s their only source of income.

Prakash bhai

Dream: To own an autorickshaw required for his profession


Prakash bhai has been making a living by working as an autorickshaw driver for the last 20 years. He did not own a vehicle and had been renting an old rusted dilapidated auto. Having to pay a daily rent of Rs 150 made him a profit of less than Rs 5000 monthly which is a meagre sum to survive on. Now with a brand new autorickshaw of his own, his income has doubled and he is really overjoyed.