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Dream: To be independent and despite his handicap live his life on his terms


Kamleshbhai, although completely without vision, has always worked hard to earn in his own way. He does not want to be completely dependent on his brother’s family as he understands that they have enough problems of their own. He learned Accupressure and massage techniques through classes at the Blind Peoples’ Association, Ahmedabad, where he has also worked at. He has even worked at the Mumbai airport and at a hotel in Goa. However, these environments found him lonely and without supportive infrastructure for the visually impaired, and he eventually moved back to Ahmedabad. Here, he has managed to set up his own clinic with support from his family and friends, and Dreams Foundation. We wish him all the best on his journey.


Dream: To support family life in the mountains with a cow


Hemwati Semwal also belongs to Netal village of Uttarkashi inUttarakhand. She is the main pillar of support to her husband who has a disability, and her four children who study in a government school close by. She wants to just arrange for two square meals a day for all of them, anddreams of giving them access to the best education.
Dreams Foundation has supported her by providing her a cowwho providesfor an additional monthly income of a minimum of Rs 1500. She is very happy and hopeful of a better future.

Vineeta Devi

Dream: To generate extra income for her family for their life in the mountains


Vineeta Devi belongs to a village called Pujyar Gaon near Uttarkashi, in the state of Uttarakhand. She lives with her husband, who works as a farmer, and her two children who study in Govt. Schools. Farming in their small farm was not sustainable for their livelihood and Vineeta wished to do more than her role as a homemaker to support her husband and was looking for a way to supplement their income.


Keeping in mind her dream of an extra income generation activity, Dreams Foundation supported her with Rs. 25,000 for a cow. She accepted firmly and today she has a monthly income around Rs 2,500 to 3,000 generated only from selling milk after keeping 2 litres of milk aside at home for their kids. The family has become self-sufficient in their dairy needs while getting better nutrition for their growing children and an extra source of income. This is a win-win situation for the family and was only possible with the timely help from the Dreams foundation.

Sumila Devi


Dream: To provide her children living in the hills with good education


Sumila Devi belongs to a village named Pujyar Gaon, near Uttarkashi town in the state of Uttarakhand. Her husband is a farmer and the couple work on the fields for their livelihood. Their four children study in a government school near the village. The family income is completely dependent on farming, and it falls short for this big family. Their only dream is to see their children through school which is proving to be a big struggle. Life is difficult in the mountains; every day is a struggle for survival. There are no jobs available which can give them extra money, and she wished to buy a cow as a means to increase their sources of income. Dreams foundation supported her with Rs.25,000 to buy a cow. This cow gives her 4 - 5 litres milk per day, of which she keeps some for their personal consumption. She sells 3 litres of milk daily at the cost of Rs. 30 per litres and earns around Rs. 90 per day which is monthly income of Rs 2700. She feels very happy and blessed.


Dream: To welcome a cow into her farm in the hilly terrains


Meena Semwal lives in Netala village of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand.Meenaji is a very kind hearted lady who works hard at the small farm that is owned by her family, located on the hilly terrain. She is thrilled to welcome a cow to her farm supported by Dreams Foundation. Meenaji lovingly takes good care of her cow and is earning monthly. She feels very thankful.