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Dream: To earn her livelihood in the mountains by rearing cattle

Vijyalaxmi Gairola belongs to Netala village of Uttarakashi in Uttarakhand. She is a hard working mountain woman who used to rear cattle for a living before her family had to sell them off, owing to a period of bad financial conditions.Today, she owns a cow provided by Dreams Foundation and is earning well and is very happy.


Dream: To provide good healthcare to his wife with a new autorickshaw


Narendrabhai lives in village Siddpur, earning his daily bread from riding a dilapidated autorickshaw for the last 25 years. However, he did not own the vehicle and had been renting it for Rs 150 a day. This daily rent over the years cumulated to a total of Rs 10 lakh because of which he had no savings.


When his wife fell very sick, she had to be hospitalized and his financial constraints got them helpless and very depressed. Dreams foundation helped him buy a new autorickshaw for himself which has completely changed his life.


Dream: To ply a chakda to support the family


Sakina lived with her family on a total income of Rs 5000 a month. Eating two square meals a day was a struggle for the family. They have acquired achakda with the support of Dreams Foundation and they look forward to a brighter future.

Raju bhai

Dream: To start his own business after 30 years of working 2 jobs daily


Raju bhai lives with his family of four and puts in long, hardhours to support them, even as he crosses the age of 60. He would work at a Printing press by day with a salary of Rs 11000 and as a Security guard by night earning him Rs 4000. After 30 years of working for almost 16 hours daily,Dreams Foundation came to his aid when he most needed it and helped him realize his dream. Today, Raju bhai is the proud owner of his own Small business. Dreams helped him procure a Binding & Cutting automatic machine and his philanthropic boss agrees to lend him rent-free space.From toiling for 16 hours a dayfor a sum of Rs 15,000, to supporting his family with a minimum monthly income of Rs 20,000 on a 6-8 hour workday- this has been such a life changing support for him. This allows him to be at work for 6-9 hours and gets to spend the rest of his day with his family.


Dream: To start her own food stall


Varshabehn belongs to ash spurs in Kutch. She had passed the grade 7 examinations after which she had not pursued education. She was struggling to make two ends meet. 
Now withsupport from Dreams, she has started her own lari (food stall) serving south Indian food and her life has undergone a major change for the better.