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Dream: To free herself from loans and work in her hometown


Shanti belongs to Chennai but came to Mumbai, with her three kids and husband. He was an alcoholic, the family was struggling to survive, and to add to her troubles, she could not speak a word of Hindi.She worked in several households and learned cooking, but life was still hard and they were always living with negative finances.

The family has taken loans at high interest and are badly stuck in the poverty cycle. With support from Dreams foundation, she has moved back to Chennai and has opened a cafe along with her son. Her husband still drinks a lot but does his duty of helping her at the cafe.

For the first time in her life, she can see a better future for herself and her family. She is now working hard at running her café, smiling and proud.


Dream: To own a sewing machine of her own and support her sons


Shahnaz lives with her husband, her 2 sons and their children. Of her two sons, only one is earning and they were struggling to survive. In order to supplement his earnings, she saved some money and filled in cash for a sewing machine. However, she was duped and this episode left her very shaken.Now with a brand new machine, she is stitching and earning and supporting her kids.


Dream: To Buy a Sewing Machine


Hansaben is an amazing slum dwelling women who works day & night to make ends meet. As the husband is deep into alcoholism, she was looking towards getting a good quality sewing machine to supplement her income. The support from Dream Foundation will definitely prove a milestone in enhancing her overall life journey.


Dream: To free herself from an exploitative vicious debt cycle


Lalitaben Maheshbhai is one of the 40,000 amazing rag picking women of our city. Due to some unforeseen circumstances she ended up taking a loan of 20,000 from a moneylender, leading her into an exploitative vicious debt cycle. The support from Dream Foundation will let her start her life afresh.

Jiviben, Vanitaben, Kamlaben, Ramilaben

Dream: To support their families in unity

Ramilaben(40), Kamlaben(42), Vanitaben(44) and Jiviben(45) are four hard-working women who are supporting their families by sharingtheir loads of responsibility. These women dwell in a slum area, and of the four of them,Kamlaben and Vanitaben found themselves widowed early. Being very good cooks, they came together and started a tiffin services enterprise near Gandhi Ashram with the support of Rs 40k from Dreams Foundation. This support brought them all together and shows them new hope in their life.