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Meet Daniben


Dream: To support expansion of her husband’s footwear shop with more goods

Daniben has been rag-picking for the last 25 years and is just managing to survive. Her husband runs a footwear and photocopy shop. It was very difficult for them to manage the family of seven with their limited earnings. With support from Dreams, they have added lots of goods in their shop and are earning much more now.

Meet Jayantibhai


Dream: To never let his family feel the pinch of hunger

For the last 20 years, Jayantibhai has been running a business of selling household cleaning material. As the sole provider for his family, he was struggling to support his family who often slept hungry.
With support from Dreams, he has increased his inventory and is earning more. The entire family of seven members are very happy.

Meet Manubhai


Dream: To give his two sons a better lifestyle

Manubhai Manilal Solanki aged 48 had a tailor’s job. He has two sons who want to study and make better their standard of living. 
His present income is not sufficient to meet the needs of his family. Dreams has supported him in buying his own sewing machine to work and earn an additional income after work hours.

Meet Rakesh of Naitik Samachar


Dream: To establish a newspaper to publish news to empower the community

Rakesh grew up in the slums of Ahmedabad. He used to come to the ashram daily. He battled against the challenges of life as he grew up and started working as a reporter with a leading newspaper. He was mainly covering Negative news and scandals.
His conscience troubled him.
He and his friends decided to start their own paper covering positive news with the support of Dreams foundation.
They bought an old closed papers rights and started a weekly paper called Naitik Samachar. They started distribution in the slums as it carried information on government schemes, benefits and forms.
His ist paper was launched at Valmiki Rushi.
And 17 widowed women filled up govt aid forms with his support. 
He is confident to get advertisements in his paper to make it sustainable.

Meet Nayanbhai


Dream: To buy his own apartment by increasing his tailoring income

Nayanbhai Navneetbhai Pattani lives with his wife and two boys in a rented house. A tailor by profession, at his age of 45 he has been working from 10 am to 6 pm for the last 20 years but most of his salary is still being gulped by his house rent. He really wants to buy a small house of his own .Dreams supported him to purchase a stitching machine to earn more in the evenings. He is excited to start saving and hopefully be able to buy his own apartment.