Over 350 families have received our modified Pedal Rickshaw!

Riding to a brighter future

In the city of Ahmedabad, over 30,000 people provide for their families by pulling pedal-rickshaws. Two disturbing facts we found in our survey:

  • 80% of them rent these old rickshaws at 30-40 rupees a day.
  • Many of them have been paying rent for over 10-20 years. This amounts to Rs.1 lakh to 2 lakh for a peddle rickshaw that costs just Rs.9000!

Dreams Foundation is distributing modified and good-quality pedal-rickshaws to deserving people. The beneficiary will pay the same Rs.30- Rs.40 a day initially. In less than one year, he/she will own the vehicle.

Vandana Agarwal of Dreams Foundation who has seen personally the joy of the dreamers on receiving a pedal rickshaw, knows the value it is to them. “This is truly their dreams. It’s their Mercedes” explains Vandana.

Dreams foundation has just been able to sponsor and distribute a number of rickshaws, benefiting over 350 families! We hope to give 500 pedal-rickshaws within the next two or three years. A gift that will change the life of many hardworking and needy families instantly.