Abhigna Brahmbhatt

With an MBA from the prestigious London Business School, Abhigna headed back to Ahmedabad, India, her birthplace, where she worked in the marketing at the IIM Ahmedabad. In 2001, a large earthquake struck Gujarat, destroying lives and homes. Abhigna set out to help those in need around her. In the course of this work, she met Vandana who was working with the NGO “Manav Sadhana” at that time. Abhigna went to volunteer at the NGOs Manav Sadhana and Gramshree, where she played an active role in setting up women to make their livelihood in crafts and textiles. Abhigna believes in Dreams’ philosophy of funding dreamers to achieve their entrepreneurial hopes. She has experienced that a sustainable livelihood for a person really works to uplift the entire family, rather than donations and giveaways.