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Kokilaben Rathod

KOKILABEN works as a tailor at a non-profit, where her coworkers have become her family. Leaving an abusive marriage has definitely made her stronger, but life didn’t necessarily get easier. Her salary was insufficient to take care of her rent, food and education of her kids. However, Kokilaben’s motivation is her daughter Khushi, who she wants to give better life than she has had.


With this in mind, Kokilaben has taken a loan from Dreams so that she can run a second tailoring business our of her home and save enough for Khushi’s education, future and dreams.

Jyoti Kohli

JYOTI married into a family where the mother- in-law suffered from leprosy. Moved by her mother-in-law’s plight, Jyoti served her as well as others who had been affected by the disease by cooking for and serving them. Serving others altered Jyoti’s perspective on life, making her see the positive in every situation.

Once, while at the hospital attending to her mother-in-law’s treatment, Jyoti’s husband’s auto-rickshaw(their only means of earning) was stolen. If they would have taken a loan, the interest was so high they would have had nothing let to even buy daily food. Through Dreams, Jyoti and her husband took an interest-free loan of 1.5 lakh rupees and purchased a new rickshaw.

Reshma Bhai

Having lost his father at a tender age of 10 followed by his mother’s departure due to 2nd marriage, made Reshmabhai’s life, a journey full of struggle. But due to his hard work and determination, today he works as a farmer on a small piece of land and somehow manages a family of 8 members.

In his village Khati Chitra, water for irrigation is available only in monsoon, which makes the financial situation of most villagers more pathetic. Reshmabhai, aspires to dig his well nearly 250 feet deeper. The water that will be available at that depth will prove to be a blessing for many farmers as they can use the well as storage of rainwater and harvest it when needed. With a support of Rs70000 Reshma bhai is now digging the well deeper.

Shantaben Bhikabhai

Shantaben Bhikhabhai has been rag-picking for two decades to support her family of 9-members who all live in a single room. They recently got lucky and were allotted a house in government scheme, which needed a big deposit. Dream Foundations supported her in fulfilling her Dream of living in her own house by funding the needed amount.


Vijay Mochi

Vijay Venkat Bhai Mochi lives in a Lepers community. His grandfather was affected by the disease. Vijay lost his mother due to brain haemorrhage at a young age. He has had a hard life, but he is very hard working. He is studying MA while working and teaching also. 

He says,” If you are born in poor, it is not your fault, but if you die poor, that’s your fault.”'

It is his dream to start a convenience store in the GANDHI LEPROSY SEVA SANGH. His earnings are insufficient to support his family and child. So Dreams Foundation is supporting him in building and starting this shop.