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Geeta behn

Dream: To get electricity by improving the output of their dairy

Geeta behn is a Rabari woman who lives with her family in a small shack. With their four children and their cows, the couple worked hard and lived an honest life.Their life was a struggle because the few cows they owned gave limited milk, and even electricity was a luxury they could not afford. In the rainy season when their area was infested with mosquitoes, they chose to cover their cows with a net they had bought for a sum ofRs. 3500 while not being able to afford one for themselves.

Today their home has lit up with joy as we have donated them a cow. 
They will now earn more and live a better life. 
She is waiting to be able to afford electricity in her home.

Jiva bhai

Dream: To improve the efficiency of their tailoring business

Jiva bhai lives in Kuber nagar with his parents and three girls. They barely managed to make two ends meet when his sister also left her two kids with him.
He worked on two rented rusted old sewing machines and would procure work from the wholesale market. With the support of the Dreams Foundation, he now owns two brand new machines and now he can work faster and do better quality work. His wife and brother also work under him. His income has increased considerably and the family which rarely ate a full meal is now much better off and happier.


Dream: To rear cows for milk as the sole breadwinner for her family


Murkhi Sursingh lives in the Muljibhaipura village with her husband and four daughters. She is the sole breadwinner for the family because of her husband’s handicap and she struggled to make ends meet. Rearing cows for milk has changed their life for the better and made them self-sufficient in their dairy needs.


Jyotibehn serves those afflicted by leprosy. Her mother-in-law's struggle with the disease inspired Jyoti to serve others. Unfortunately, one day, her husband's auto-rickshaw (his source of income) was stolen. This was while they were both at a hospital for his mother's treatment. With DREAMS foundation's help, they took an interest free loan of 1.5 lakh rupees to buy a new rickshaw. This ensured they could continue on to sustain their daily lives and their mother’s treatment.


Vijay grew up in a leper’s colony as his grandfather was afflicted by the disease. He lost his mother at a very young age. But being extremely self-driven and hardworking, he completed an MA degree and started a stationary store in his colony. He also works as a teacher. His dream was to own a provision store by which he could support is growing family. Through Dreams Foundation, he opened his own stationary store where he continues to work hard. His motto is “If you are born poor, that is not your fault. But if you die poor, that’s your fault.”