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Dream: To support her big family with a modern sewing machine


Jasiben lives a typical life in RamapirTekda, a slum community opposite Gandhi ashram, wherein she works day & night to support her family of 7 members. She has minimal support of her husband, both at a financial and a psychological level but with the support of Dream Foundation, she feels blessed to get a modern sewing machine. This which will enhance her efficiency, thereby improving her monetary income.


Dream: To buy machinery required to expand her business



Nasim lives with her family whom she would support by stitching covers for two-wheelers with her husband, but there would not be enough food for the family every night. With the support of Dreams Foundation, they have purchased a leather stitching machine and material and expanded their work to make complete sofas. They are very excited and are hopeful of educating their kids well.


Dream: To rear cows to support her family


Meenabehn from Kim Haritataluka in Anjaaris mother of 2 daughters and a son. Her husband works as an auto driver in the village, but his income was does not alone suffice. To support her family with additional income, with the support of Dreams Foundation, she has purchased 3 cows and built a shelter for them. She has already started selling milk to the dairy and earning and providing for her family. Now they are all looking forward to a brighter future.


Dream: For her son to be employed in a safe profession


Fatmabehn lives in bhuj with her husband who drives trucks. All her life, she has faced a financial shortage. She has taken a loan from Dreams Foundation and bought a ChotaHaathi for her son who has started earning from day one. She didn’t wish for him to become a truck driver as the earnings are not enough and comes with its share of high risks.

Hansa behn

Dream: To provide for good education to her children and complete her own education

Hansa behn lives in Kutch. She was barely managing to scrape through a living for her family, but that does not stop her from dreaming big. She is working towards her dream of making good education accessible to her kids, and herself, and with the support of Dreams Foundation has started a business of making and selling snacks. When she starts earning well, she is looking forward to providing a better education to her kids and pursuing her higher education.