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Dream: To improve life for her family by selling seasonal fruits


Rekhaben lives the life of a common middle-class working lady putting efforts day and night to give better prospects to her family. Her family was once struggling for two square meals and is now very happy.

With the timely support of Dream Foundation, this year she is overwhelmed to be opening up a Mango shop which also sells organic mangoes. Her vision for her business is to trade in the seasonal fruits every season.



Dream: To run her own multipurpose shop


Pritibehn lives with her children and her husband. He suffered many losses and now this hardworking lady is putting in efforts to ensure brighter future for her kids. It was an emotional moment for her when she managed to open a multi-utility shop with the support of Dream Foundation.

Pritiben has now taken reins in her hands. She could only start this business as the loan was interest free. She had been trying hard to be granted a loan from several sources, but found the interest rates were too high.This will help her support her family big way- no wonder her eyes filled up with happy tears at the opening of the shop.


Dream: For her son to be independent and his children to get good education


Manjulabehn lives with her son and his two kids. This septuagenarian has to be the rock of the family, taking care of her son and his two young kids after their mother left them and went away. Her son was in depression for a long time after this. Her wish is for her grandkids to have a healthy life and decent education. Through Dreams Foundation, she has now got her son an auto. This has given him a purpose in life, and the family a source of income. They look forward to new beginnings.



Dream: To repay her loan and continue to inspire others with her grit and determination


Kajal is a warrior and an inspiration to rest of young girls of her community. She lives with her mother who she supports by working as a sorting member in Paryavaran Mitra during the day and as aragpickerall evening to support her mother. Her father was battling for his life and they strove to give him all possible treatment, but couldn’t save him. Dreams Foundation supported her in repaying the loan of Rs 30,000 they had taken for medical expenses, thereby saving her from paying huge amounts of interest each month.


Dream: To uplift the tribal village of Nand in South Gujarat with innovative faming and education


Mohan studied at Vidyapeeth and has been living in nand, a tribal village in south Gujarat and 25 km from kapran. This village is totally illiterate and most of the inhabitants work as migrant laborers. Work takes them traveling from place to place and their kids loiter on the streets near construction sites.

Mohan and his wife have decided to serve and live here for the next few years. He is a very hardworking, humble and compassionate person who wants to build a school with local materials with his own hands and teach some basics to the kids who receive no education at all. The villagers have given him some land with which he intends to start innovative farming himself and teach others.

Dreams is supporting both his projects.

The couple are serving them in many ways and have dedicated their lives for improving the lives of the tribal people in the village.