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Meet Tanuja


Dream: To give her two daughters the best life she could

Tanuja Modhiya is very hard working. Like all women wish to, she wanted to give the best she could to both her daughters and support her family financially.

She knows tailoring and is making a livelihood by stitching. She used to also sell milk from her residence. Her dream was to have an Amul milk center. She was saving money towards that end, but the education of her girls took priority and she was unable to pay the deposit amount for dairy.
Now with support from Dreams, she is joyfully running an Amul milk centre.

Meet Anita


Dream: To be able to cultivate crops on their field

Anita is an artisan working in bead craft. Her husband is unemployed and almost all the responsibilities of the family is upon her. She has two young children going to attending school.
This year, she built her house with help of her parents and also with the help of a high interest loan. Due to never ending expenses, they did not have any money for agriculture but there was also no way to take more money on interest.
With the help from Dreams Foundation, she is able to cultivate crops in her field and is overjoyed.

Meet Saroj


Dream: To procure supplies required for a farming without resorting to loans

Saroj is an artisan, earning through crafts. Apart from her, everybody in the family is unemployed. Her father passed away many years ago and her two elder brothers are married and unemployed with children. The burden on the family is gradually increasing every year and they depend fully on agriculture. They have neither savings nor even seeds for the next season. They tide over with the help of loans from moneylender for the agriculture, but they come with a high price.
The loan from Dreams Foundation is great help to her. This year, she reduces the burden of the family and will be making good profits.

Meet Rasila


Dream: To revive the old family tradition of farming and agriculture

Rasila is an artisan associated with craft activities for many years. She is the main breadwinner of her family as her husband has been unemployed for a while. Two years ago, she purchased an auto-rickshaw by taking a loan. All her hard earned money is used up towards loan repayment, education for her three young children and medicine of her aged mother-in-law.
Agriculture was becoming the last priority for the family and she was always worried about it. Her mother-in-law is always advising them to invest and take care of agriculture as an old farmer. 
Agricultural loan from Dreams Foundation has changed their lives.

Meet Shankar


Dream: To ensure essential healthcare for son without the pressure of loan payment

Shankar is a master craftsman. Due to a land dispute in the family, he was entangled in court matters and advocates. The case took long and took all of Shankar’s money andShankar took a loan. He did finally win the case, but was left in debt. He had to pay back a sum of Rs 45,000 and was paying monthly instalments of Rs 4,500. 
Shankar also has a mentally disabled son for whom his basic treatment is essential. Hence, he was always under stress. To pay his interest amount, he was looking for a new loan, but they all came with high rates of interest. 
Dreams Foundation saved him from the debt trap! Now he is happy and at peace.