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Meet Usha

Dream: To facilitate an interest-free loan for her parents

Usha belongs to a very interior village. After completing her primary education, she always wanted to be of help to her family financially.She learnt tailoring through training classes conducted by the government and upgraded her skills through Sahaj trainings.
Her parents work as construction laborers and migrate every year as construction labor. Needless to say, their income is never sufficient for any occasion and they have to resort to taking money on a high interest rate.
Her parents leave them every year for six to eight months and migrate to the cities. Usha decided to came out of this poverty cycle and started working on her tailoring skills and with her earnings, she supports her family.
This agricultural season they were again of the mind that a new loan would be required, except this time Usha surprised them with interest-free loan. They are really happy and looking forward to a brighter future.

Meet Mira

Dream: To receive a loan that alleviates their financial troubles instead of creating more debt

Mira is young girl who has been working with Sahaj as a beadwork artisan for a long time. The family needed a loan for the agriculture as they do every year. This is received from money lenders on very high rate of interest during agricultural season, which leaves them with hardlyany money at the end of season. She was observing this silently for many years and wished to do something.
She had always had a dream of receiving a loan for agriculture without interest which they were capable of repaying with the hard work they put in. She thought this is just a faraway dream- she never dreamed this could happen, that someone would be so kind to poor families.Help from Dreams Foundation is literally a dream come true for Mira.
The timely loan allows her family to invest in the agriculture. Mira’s Dream Come True for the interest-free loan flows from a divine source like Dreams Foundation. Her family is very happy to have a resourceful daughter and thankful to the foundation for such wonderful thought and work.

Meet Ruxmani


Dream: To provide good healthcare to her parents without the burden of debt

Ruxmani an artisan was facing many issues.Due to issues in the family and sick parents, they had to take huge loans at a very high rate of interest from a local money lender. The repayment became hard for them .The amount started increasing, and so did her worries. The money lender started coming to her home to pressurize her for early repayment and interest. She was feeling helpless. All her hard-earned money was being used for interest payment or on hospital bills. She was unable to concentrate on her work too.
Help from Dreams foundation allow her to come out from this vicious cycle of money lender. She and her parents are very happy

Meet Bharti

Dream: To provide good education to her children

Bharti works with Sahaj. She is second generation of the family engaged with Sahaj for off-farm livelihoods. She works very hard but is unable to make two ends meet as she has no land for agriculture.
She realized the value of education and has invested into it for her children.Both her children are going into private schools.
Dreams has loaned her funds to support her family and she has promised to pay back monthly.

Meet Shakuntala

Dream: To be able to use their farm to harvest crop to its full capacity

Shakuntala is a breast cancer survivor due to early detection and timely treatment. She received free treatment in a charitable hospital, but there weremany ancillary expenses to be borne.

She is the elder daughter of the family. When her father passed away, she had to take upon the responsibility of her ill mother and two younger siblings. She did her graduation while working with Sahaj through Craft activities and also helped younger brother and sister in completing their education. She decided not to marry and to take care of the family and help her mother.
Due to her cancer treatment, she was unable to work for 18 months. They were in debt and no more loans were available for agriculture. Loan from Dreams Foundation allowed her to start agriculture again after two years, as they needed money for seeds, fertilizer, hiring tractor and other equipment. Her mother is very happy to have seen a corn crop on their entire land this year; for last two years, they have been unable to use their entire land due to shortage of funds.