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Meet Ravabhai


Dream: To encourage women artisans and help sell commercially the colourful Kutchi embroidery

Ravabhai belongs to a small village called Ludia in Kutch, Gujarat. Since his childhood, he was fascinated by colorful embroideries of Kutch and dreamt of starting a skilled group of women who are trained in hand embroidery skills. He has been working with artisans since 2001 and has managed to offer employment opportunities to approximately 50 women handicrafting exquisite products like table mats, coasters, and cushions.

Now he wishes to expand his business and therefore we request Dreams Foundation to grant him a working loan of 50,000 INR for escalating his project.

Meet Budharbhai


Dream: To renew the family health policy for peace, wellbeing and safety

Budharbhai is a man of integrity and immense self-respect. Being a blind person running a family of four members had been a tough journey. Due to the lack of financial assistance, his family health policy expired a few years ago. Now, he has a wishes for support to renew the policy so that his family is in safe hands, at least from the health perspective. He plans to repay the amount from the salary he will get from his recently joined job at Paryavaran Mitra.

Meet Mallika


Dream: To provide for a better lifestyle for her family

Mallikabehn works all day at the community centre at Behrampura. She wished to have her own sewing machine and is planning to work after dinner every night and earn more and provide a better life to her family. She taken on life with a smile on her face at all times; you can see this in her determination and hard work.

Meet Roshni


Dream: To use her talent as a seamstress to earn well and send her son to a good school


Rossini knows tailoring well and wanted to use her skills to create a value addition rather than doing her job mechanically. She wanted to send her son to a good school and to convince her husband about this, she decided to earn well.

To start her own work at home, she was in need of not only a sewing machine but a few additional equipment and raw material to work with as well.

With the help of Dreams Foundation, her dream comes true and she is very happy and thankful for this support.

Meet Shashi


Dream: To start working from home even as she battled cancer

Shashi lived in a small village of Dahod district. She had a dream to start working from home despite having worked with Sahaj for a long time. Few months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment even as she strengthened her hope to start her own work to earn from home. When she received a loan from Dreams foundation, she was very happy. However, hercancer was spreading fast. She fought for it for a short time but she lost the hope. She died a few days ago. Her 6-year-old daughter and husband are under shock, as this was unexpected.
We are trying to help them.