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Meet Siddhart


Dream: To own a bike required for his profession to support his family

Siddhart comes from a very poor family. His father’s hands are paralyzed and his infirmity makes it difficult for him to work. Siddhart is trained to repair kitchen equipment. Now with a bike he can attend more clients and earn more. The entire family is very happy.

Meet Rakesh

Dream: To own a car required for his profession to educate his son and empower youth from his community

Rakesh grew up in the slums. A entrepreneur at heart, he worked hard through all his struggles and started servicing kitchen equipment. He approached several companies and started working for more and more agencies. As he learnt the trade, he employed more youth from the slums and extended the opportunities to them. 
With support from Dreams he has bought a new car and created a repairing workshop inside the car. 
The team is now established to repair at site and save the customers’ time and become more productive in their business.
He dreams to empower more youth from the slums and also provide good education to his son. He himself had to give up studies to survive and does not want his son to suffer the same fate.
Rakesh is very happy and positive now, living in a rented one-room home but owning a car.

Meet Ajitbhai


Dream: To build a deep tune well to source water for all the village farmers

Ajitbhai lives in the Khodada village of Tapi district.He has been farming since his childhood. He faced a lot of problems due to lack of water facilities.During 2016-17, they learnt about drip irrigation yojana of the government where they had to pay 40 rupees per hour for water in their fields. It was unaffordable for them. Now with support from Dreams, they are building a deep tune well and will soon have enough water for themselves and other farmers in their village.

Meet Jayesh


Dream: To own a jeep required for his profession till he can fund his further education

Jayesh belongs to Dahod has been driving a jeep for local passengers. His earnings were limited and he was struggling to fulfill his family needs. He always dreamt of owning his own vehicle and earning more rather than working as a driver for his relative. He identified a second hand vehicle. A loan from Dreams foundation made his dream come true! He is also in final year of his graduation. He wants to study further and sit for exams for a government job. Earning from this vehicle will also help him to study. Jayesh is presently very happy to have his own vehicle. He is thankful and looking forward to a brighter future .


Meet Hiral


Dream: To start her own jewellery business

Hiral has been working as an accountant and a storekeeper for last five years. She had always dreamt of starting her own business, but the lack of finances had always held her back. With the support of Dreams foundation, she has taken training and bought stones and other material and is making Meenakshi jewelry a reality.
She works hard at night and on holidays to earn extra and support her family.