Dreamers - Dreams Foundation - Seeding and helping grassroots entrepreneurs

Meet Jetsihbhai


Dream: To empower the women of the village in the capacity of a Gramshilpi

Jetsihbhai pursued his Master of Social Work from Gujarat Vidhyapith, and is now serving as a Gramshilpi in Bhatwada which is a tribal village in South Gujarat. He is trying very hard to empower the women of the village who struggle to make two ends meet.They have collectively decided to start a social enterprise of pickle making. They launched this initiative this summer.They plan to sell it in the nearby towns of Vapi and Valsad. Dreams supported this initiative by providing them the seed capital.

Meet Geeta behn


Dream: To get access to water and electricity within their house

Geeta behn and her husband are Bharwads who love animals and look after them like one of their own. They just bought a cow supported by Dreams. Every morning, both husband and wife go together and sell milk to laborers at construction sites.
They are looking forward to earning more and havingan electrical and a water connection at home. They want a fan so that the flies don’t bother the cattle. 
They are a very hardworking, pleasant and warm couple. We are very happy to be supporting them.

Meet Kamlesh


Dream: To always live an honest life and free his family from debt

Kamlesh lived a difficult family life with his father an alcoholic and mom working for a meagre income as a sweeper. He was often found studying under street lamps and he was a bright child. He is now an honest bus conductor who doesn’t fudge with his accounts. During his son’s birth, he had to borrow money and the interest multiplied multiple times and amount became too large for them to get out of the mess. The family was very upset and had almost given up on life.
Dreams foundation cleared their dues and they can’t believe it’s true.

Meet Kamlaben


Dream: To clear a loan which swallowed most of her monthly income

Kamlaben has been working as a cook for the last 10 years. She is a widow and she raised two sons with a lot of hardships and struggled to give them good education. Her lack of educational qualifications do not stop her from efficiently managing and maintaining accounts of the enterprise where she cooks.Under her guidance, 3 other helper women have been trained well. She is hard working and a go-getter. 
Due to unavoidable circumstances, she had taken a loan on a very high interest rate and has been paying of most of her earnings in instalments. The entire family was working hard but saw no way out of their financial mess. Dreams foundation supported her in clearing her loan.

Meet Rajesh


Dream: To repay the loan taken for brother’s cancer treatment

With Rajesh bhai lived his younger brother who was suffering from cancer. Rajesh bhai, who worked as a security guard, took a loan for Rs 1.25 Lakhs for treating his younger brother suffering from cancer. He did not survive. 
For the last 4 years, he has accrued an interest of over 4 Lakhs which he has paid and principal amount is as it is.
The son and his mother earn Rs 15,000 a month of which they pay an interest of Rs 12,000.
They lived in a home rented for Rs 3000 and were struggling badly. When we met them they were so fed up of life and were considering giving up on life. They saw no way out of this poverty cycle. They had no money left for survival.
They are overjoyed when we supported them by clearing their debt.