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Meet Hansa


Dream: To get her family out of the debt trap


Hansa Chauhanlives in a very interior village and is youngest child of her family. Her father took a loan for the weddings of his two older children. Due to very high rate of interest, they were unable repay the loan and were struggling a lot. Year after year, Hansa put in hard work but all her earnings every month got pushed into just paying the interest; the principal remained as it is. She and her family started losing hope and saw no way out of this debt trap.Dreams Foundation helped her to repay their entire loan. She and her family are very happy and thankful.


Meet Hamida


Dream: To buy a computer to work and excel in her career

Hamida Ansari was born and brought up in a very conservative muslim family. She had to fight with her parents and grandparents to go to school. Despite all her struggles, she amazingly completed her post-graduation. Her divorced elder sister is at home with her little daughter while her brother is going to college.She wanted start her own work at home and required a computer.Her father was against taking a loan from the bank as it was against their religious practices. With the help of Dreams Foundation, she has bought a brand new computer and has started working immediately. She is thrilled and ver excited- she is looking forward to growing in her field.

Meet Dhanlaxmi


Dream: To use her tailoring skills to support her husband’s health and children’s education

Dhanlaxmi lives in a small village of Dahod. Her husband is mentally ill and a very violent person. Her three children are going to the school. Her main source of income is from working as a laborer. Villages offer limited earning opportunities for women. She managed her time and underwent apparel stitching training from Sahaj. With sheer hard work and determination, she became a really good tailor. She dreamt of having a sewing machine at home to be able to make good use of her skills so that she could take care of the family and also earn.  Support from Dreams Foundation made this a reality for her and this has changed the life of her entire family.

Meet Munita


Dream: To enjoy the fruits of her labor

Munita Roz lives in a small village of Dahod district. She has been associated with Sahaj as a handicraft artisan. Being the only bread earner for her family, she has been forever struggling for finances.All her earnings are spent on education and the well-being of her family. Despite really wanting to, she couldn’t do any farming on her small plot of land. She was unable to purchase good seeds and fertilizer because of a financial crisis. The interest-free loan provided by Dreams foundation means a lot to her.
It creates an opportunity for her to work hard and enjoy the fruits of her labor.


Meet Kavita


Dream: To invest in good farming methods to get a good crop

Kavita lives in a small village called Chilakota in the Dahod district of Gujarat. She is a widow with two sons and came back to her parents’ home when her younger son was just 6 months old. She joined Sahaj training and started working on crafts to earn.She also does farming to increase her income. This year they are planning for a better farm produce.Dreams has supported them in deepening their well and investing in better seeds and fertilizer to have a good crop this year. The normal practice for people in their circumstances is to take a loan for agricultural purposes, which are granted on very high rates of interest hence leaving the farmers with very little. She is very happy to receive this support in the form of an interest free loan.