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Meet Ratanbhai


Dream: To obtain working capital for one of his many empowering development schemes for women

Ratanbhai is in his 60s and has been working silently in the village Bhekhadia of Kawant, Chhotaudaipur for last 40 years for the development of the tribal community.He worked with many development activities, social changes and in the field of education.He is one of the unsung heroes, who has worked for the rehabilitation of people affected by SardarSarovar project.
In 2000, to help people he started different projects like Ambar Charkha, animal husbandry, forest re-plantation and many more under Aadivasi Jan Utthan Trust.


MaslaUdyog is of his initiatives with women Groups to produce and market in the nearby villages.This year we supported them by giving them working capital during the season to purchase Raw material.


Meet Jaishri


Dream: To start work from home so she can earn while taking care of her aged ailing parents


JaishriChauhanhas been working with Sahaj for the last 15 years. She was suffering in a very painful marriage and then filed for divorce .She fought for her rights for many years and then decided to withdraw the case as she could not cope up with the formalities. She also had to take care of her retired ailing father. Her Brother left their home with his wife and kids and shifted to Ahmadabad, thus passing the responsibility of their old and sick parents onto her.

She had to leave her job at Sahaj as she has to be at home to take care of her parents. The support from Dreams Foundation helped her to start her own work from home. She is also able to employ 3-4 women at this stage.


Meet Dinesh


Dream: To start his own shop to provide reliable work that he was known for

Dinesh Prajapati is a trained as electrician from ITI Dahod. He worked as a wireman in different shops and was earning Rs 100- 150 daily, depending on the available work. Due to unavailability of tools, equipment and material he was always dependent on some shopkeeper and could earn wages only as job work.

He had a dream to start his own work. Clients also know him, as he has been working in this field for the last 15 years. A loan from Dreams Foundation made his dream come true. This Diwali, his business was really good and his family was very happy that he is doing his own work now.

Meet Sapna


Dream: To expand her business as a single mother to support her only son


SapnaMisra is a person with full of joy but behind her happiness she is struggling a lotand hides lots of pain.

She was cheated in her marriage. Very soon after the wedding, she realized that her husband is mentally ill. She was facing domestic violence and she left her home in six months. By this time however, she was pregnant and her child was born at her parents’ home. She got a divorce as she did not fight for any compensation. She had decided to face life on her own; she would take care of her ailing parents and bring up her son.

She started her own kirana(provision) shop in her home. She was also doing tailoring work on the side.

After the death of her parents, she has been on her own. Life became more difficult for this single woman. She wished to expand her business as her son is studying in an English medium school and she want to give him all the happiness she could.

With the support for capital investment from Dreams foundation, she expanded her product range at her shop and is earning more since day one.


Meet Saguna


Dream: To buy a new sewing machine to ensure quality delivery

Saguna Palas is a tailor. Her sewing machine was troubling her for a long time and she was not able to deliver stitched clothes to clients on time.

She had always wanted to purchase a new machine. She contacted the DIC but was unable to avail loan due to high corruption. She learned that one also needs the weight of influence at the bank to get work done. Although she tried her best, she failed to get a loan from anywhere.

Help from Dreams Foundation helped her purchase a new sewing machine. She is full of gratitude and sees an end to her struggles.